Extruded polystyrene foam boards FIBRANxps are a thermal insulating material (XPS) produced from polystyrene and suitable blowing agents.  Through the process of continuous extrusion a continuous board is formed at the desired thickness (20-200 mm).  This board is then cut in various dimensions, its side edges cut into the required profile and its surfaces formed according to product specifications. The finished products are supplied wrapped in labeled packages.

The largest percentage of the final product’s mass is composed of polystyrene (PS), a thermoplastic polymer of styrene which itself is a compound of carbon and hydrogen. Crystal-clear, high heat resistant general purpose polystyrene (GP-PS) is used for the production of FIBRANxps products. Small amounts of certain additives are included in order to facilitate the production process or for enhancement of the properties of the final product – such as colourants and flame retardants. Foaming is achieved by adding physical blowing agents, about 5-8% of the total mass. In accordance with the latest EU-regulations, FIBRAN uses agents / gases that have no harmful effects on the UV-protective layer of stratospheric ozone (ODP=0) and a marginal or non-existent contribution to the “greenhouse effect” (low or zero GWP), without perceptible depreciation of the thermal insulating properties of the product.

The produced material is a solidified, homogeneous and stable foam with closed (> 95%) polyhedral cells, ranging from 0.1 to 0.4 mm in diameter, with cell wall thickness of only 1μm. Accordingly, a mere 3% of the product volume is solid matter, the remaining 97% being occupied by gas. This results in particularly low product densities.

FIBRANxps boards are characterized by their high and lasting thermal insulating properties, minimal water absorption, high compression strength and dimensional stability. Ignition is not easy, compatibility with building materials like cement, gypsum, lime and sand is excellent, whereas skinned and grooved boards offer superb adherence on concrete and mortar coatings.