FIBRANgeo stonewool Building Insulation (FIBRANgeo B) products are factory made mineral wool insulation products, manufactured from molten rock(MW-mineral wool insulation products for buildings according to EN 13162).

All FIBRANgeo stonewool insulation products meet the QUALITY and SAFETY requirements of the European Standards.

Stonewool insulation is a natural fibrous material, widely recognized in the last decades for its thermal and sound insulating properties, as well as its excellent performance for the fire protection of lives and structures.  The use of technologically advanced machinery for the manufacture of stonewool insulation ensures stabilized production and superior quality final products.

FIBRANgeo stonewool is produced from volcanic minerals such as basalt, limestone, dolomite, and bauxite. The minerals, as raw materials, are initially fused in an electric furnace and the vitreous melt is then spun into fibres.  This innovative method, being far more advantageous than the blast furnace commonly applied, allows for the improved control of the melt’s temperature.  The maintenance of steady temperatures in the furnace enables the production of uniform stonewool fibres with excellent technical characteristics.  In addition, the levels of polluting sulfur and nitrogen oxide (SOX and NOX) gas emissions of the electric furnace are significantly lower than those of the blast method.

Once past the spinning phase, the loose stonewool fibres, with the addition of adhesive resin and special silicon compounds, acquire cohesiveness and hydrophobicity.

Finally, FIBRANgeo stonewool Building Insulation products are formed in boards, rolls and loose fill in a variety of dimensions.  The above products may also be manufactured with facings.

FIBRANgeo stonewool insulation products provide excellent thermal insulation, with a very low thermal conductivity coefficient and excellent thermal resistance even at high temperatures. The fibres’ softening temperature is over 1.000 °C and their binder starts to evaporate when its temperature exceeds 200 °C.  Therefore, FIBRANgeo stonewool insulation products are capable of withstanding high temperatures, up to 750 °C.


Application Areas of FIBRANgeo products

FIBRANgeo combines particular characteristics in a unique manner, assuring simultaneously the

– thermal insulation

– sound insulation

– fire protection

of the construction elements where it is applied.

FIBRANgeo stonewool products are manufactured in boards and rolls, to cater for the particular needs of each building solution.  FIBRANgeo stonewool products are used in:

Building Applications

Industrial Applications

Marine Applications



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